The new homes industry is one that suffered quite significantly from the last recession, and there was no aspect of the sector hit harder than on-site sales staff. As developers halted the production of hundreds of schemes up and down the country, so too was the employment of hundreds of skilled salespeople who were forced to find work in other areas. As a result, when the UK housing market re-emerged as it has over the last eighteen months or so, there was a dearth of these salespeople available to pick the mantle back up for developers.

Maitland Selwyn prides itself on not only finding its clients the best-qualified staff for their available positions, but also unearthing those who might not previously have considered a career in the new homes industry. With the transferable skills present in many retail and service industries, many people are unaware of the opportunities available from new homes developers to begin a new career. Maitland Selwyn specialises in training both existing and new candidates to reach untapped potential within the industry, and has undertaken numerous training events already in 2016 with great success.

Maitland Selwyn managing director, Chris Haley, comments: “The Government and the construction industry are intent on catching up on long overdue property shortages. We work with 100 major developers up and down the country who are keen to see this skills shortage addressed and our reputation means that the developers look to us for help. Already this year our academy has recognised many new stars of the future”.

The Maitland Selwyn training academy comprises two distinct stages; firstly, candidates complete a comprehensive modular study from home, incorporating elements on sales technique, typical industry schemes, legal requirements for purchase and the progression of the new homes sales process. The modular aspect provides key background to the nature of the role without the pressure of needing to cram too much into an on-site session, and allows candidates to take in the content at their own pace, usually over the course of 4-6 weeks.

Once completed, the home-based programme leads on to a group training event, spanning four days. On this course, candidates will learn to understand and implement the seven-step process that purchasers take to buy a property:

  1. Understanding the product
  2. Developing a trusting relationship
  3. Qualifying purchasers needs
  4. Demonstrating the product
  5. Establishing strength of interest
  6. Assessing and dealing with obstacles
  7. Moving in – the final hurdle

So far in 2016, Maitland Selwyn has undertaken four training events in locations UK-wide. It has progressed over 50 potential candidates through its programme.

Speaking on the effectiveness of the course, one candidate commented: “It certainly opened my eyes to the new homes sales market and has made me more determined to be a part of it long term”.

They continued: “All of the students commented privately how impressed they were with the structure and professionalism of the course.”

Maitland Selwyn has numerous more training events planned throughout the year available to both existing new homes professionals looking to improve their skills, or other skilled salespeople who might not have previously considered a role in the sector.

In summing up the success of the 2016 courses so far, Chris Haley projected further successes: “It really is the way forward both for people looking to get into the industry and the developers needing quality, trained candidates”.

For further information on all Maitland Selwyn training events planned for 2016, visit or contact the company directly on social media.