Recruitment of sales personnel in the new homes industry is a nuanced business, with many facets that can only be truly appreciated by people who have themselves worked within the sector. So, when developers are looking for the right candidate to not only do the job itself, but fit within a setup and culture which is often unique to them, the process can be a taxing one. This is where Maitland Selwyn comes in.

For the recruiter, this required understanding comes naturally, having operated in the new homes industry for more than 60 years (and specifically in the recruitment sector for over 20). Maitland Selwyn has over that time compiled an internal database of candidates across the length and breadth of the UK, interested in changing positions or taking the next step in their career. Not only that, but most of the Maitland Selwyn management team have, at one time or another, themselves been managers or directors within the housebuilding industry.  It’s something Maitland Selwyn believes is a real advantage for understanding the needs of developers, as managing director Chris Haley explains:

“Our network database of candidates is not only extensive, but each and every candidate has been interviewed by an experienced professional, who compiles comprehensive notes, not only on their suitability for the job, but also which developers and Sales Managers/Directors they have worked for previously and who they would be a good fit for in future.”

Through dedicated website and social media activity, Maitland Selwyn receives daily/hourly candidate enquiries to maintain an optimum pool of potential candidates, which is a key resource for developers up and down the UK. Chris continues:

“Another key aspect of our service is confidentiality. By acting as a buffer between developer and candidate, we ensure both parties get the fairest possible outcome. This allows candidates to be shielded from previous employers who they may not wish to consider returning to, and just as importantly for developers it allows for key positions to be head-hunted discreetly.”

When combining these important details with comprehensive training services offered for new and existing developer staff, it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary recruitment company, but rather one truly immersed and tuned-in to a specialist sector.

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