The last decade has been a challenge to the UK economy as a whole, and no industry has been more affected than that of the housing market which, after bursting its bubble in 2008, lost many talented sales staff as developers up and down the country battened down the hatches and braced themselves from the cold of the recession. As a new dawn approached in 2013, and the industry still found itself short of quality sales consultants to help with the impending rush of new home purchasers, buoyed by an array of government-clad incentive schemes, the stark reality was that a new generation of sales consultants needed to be unearthed, in order to satisfy the demand from those very same developers.

It was in this period that new homes specialist Maitland Selwyn solidified its position as the go-to provider for quality sales professionals for the sector; its innovative, modern training methods backed up by unrivalled industry experience has earned them significant standing with the biggest names in British home building.

Such is the success of Maitland Selwyn’s recruitment for the industry, you would be forgiven for thinking it the business’s sole contribution to developers, a notion not lost on Managing Director Chris Haley: “You could say that we’ve been somewhat painted into a corner by the needs of the industry in the last few years, but we’ve always been much more than ‘just a recruitment agency’. Our management team is built from experienced heads from backgrounds across the new homes spectrum, which puts us in a unique position to fully understand the needs of developers, and provide a comprehensive range of services to assist them.”

In addition to the unearthing of talent for both temporary and permanent positions for the industry as a whole, the Maitland Selwyn offering includes additional services for developers such as long-term site manning using their own staff, dedicated training for developers’ existing, in-house sales teams, and even mystery shopping. The result is an offering that is a much more holistic approach to new homes sales, and one that works differently with each developer.

“We gained a strong reputation for providing staff to Bryant Homes in the 90s,“ Chris continues, “but in reality our real strength has always been that we have quality people – full stop. We look to work with all our clients to develop their in-house teams and use our own experience to help them be the absolute best they can be. After all, it’s those on the front line who are key to delivering on targets – and the recruitment aspect is really just the tip of the iceberg!”

Maitland Selwyn continues to innovate its training methods, with a newly developed e-learning platform to further refine and analyse aspects of its renowned sales training programme. For more information on this, and all other aspects of Maitland Selwyn’s services for new home developers, visit