As they pass the mid-point of the year, new-homes sales recruitment specialist Maitland Selwyn is reporting record levels of placements for temporary and permanent sales staff, in addition to burgeoning levels of activity for its other services to property developers. What’s more, through emergent initiatives with its renowned new-homes sales training programme, Maitland Selwyn continues to drive forward the quality of its candidates, not just the quantities.

Building on significant success from 2016, Maitland Selwyn is looking to set a new benchmark for themselves this year, by delivering a record number of optimal, skilled salespeople to its client base of over 95 housing developers nationwide. As of the end of June, 150 candidates have been placed – an average of one fully-trained candidate per day – and with no sign of pace dropping in the second half of the year.

Much of the continued success lies in the development of the training programme itself, with 2017 seeing the introduction of the Maitland Selwyn distance learning pathway – a web-based application allowing candidates to complete an 7-module course from their home. The platform allows users to complete it at their own pace, within a six-week period. The distance learning pathway not only reduces pressure on candidates, but also allows Maitland Selwyn to focus on other aspects of the course, safe in the knowledge that the home-learning portion is capably catered for.

The new initiative is allowing more candidates than ever to complete their training and be placed more quickly than ever too, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their development with Maitland Selwyn. Following the completion of the base course and a potential placement with a developer, there is the opportunity for all candidates to undertake a further day of training – known as ‘day 5’ – where they learn about the more nuanced aspects of the sales process. Topics such as dealing with floor plans and brochures, understanding working drawings (to aid with sales off-plan), and the latest sales initiatives are all discussed in detail, to further bolster the candidates’ capabilities. In addition, dedicated time is spent on advanced sales technique and the process from initial reservation to the point of exchange, so that candidates have the ability to confidently cater to customers’ needs right up until they move into their new home.

The Maitland Selwyn training programme continues to achieve rave reviews from its candidates. Imogen Suffell, from Lancashire, was typically praiseworthy: “I have just returned from my 4 day training course…loved every minute of it, learnt so much and met some great people, the trainers were all lovely and made the course a lot of fun, would highly recommend it! The company seem great to work for, they set high standards but equally give you the support to achieve those standards, can’t wait to get started.”

For more information on any of the remaining training events throughout the UK in 2017, visit or reach out via social media.