In the world of modern retail, consumers have grown used to near-instant gratification from their purchasing habits; next-day (or even same-day) delivery is very much standard in the world of online shopping, and this level of service extends both ways not only into the realms of post-purchase aftercare, but also before a purchase is even made – we have grown accustomed to being able to experience a near-conversational dialogue online with global retailers, in a manner which traditionally would have taken place face-to-face in a local shop.

For UK housebuilders, face-to-face interaction through customers physically visiting site has forever been the norm – after all, how can one even begin to decide on something as significant as a home purchase without visiting the product in person?

On the contrary, today’s home purchasers are ever more likely to do the majority of their research into a home purchase online, just as they would with any other retail product. Because of this, housebuilders must recognise the acute need for efficient receipt, management and response to any and all email communications from the earliest point in the purchase process. In the mind of the online customer, a housebuilder is no different to a book shop, or shoe retailer – the expectation is the same, if not greater!

That’s not to say that a visit to site won’t still form some part of the purchasing process of course, it obviously will – but the need to recognise the importance of site-based email communication has never been more important – almost like the sale-before-the-sale. Timely, concise email dialogue can mean the difference between that physical site visit and the customer going next door.

For UK housebuilding sales specialist Maitland Selwyn, highlighting these issues is becoming an ever-growing necessity when evaluating clients’ sales processes. Managing Director, Chris Haley, comments:

“From our experience this is both a great challenge and opportunity. Through the mystery shopping process one can assess the customer experience, which is variable at the very least and something each developer will have to decide what it believes its service standards need to be.””

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