New homes recruitment specialist Maitland Selwyn has, in recent years, justifiably earned a reputation as the UK housing industry’s premier trainer of new homes sales professionals.

With initiatives designed to aid candidates both new to the industry and those with existing experience, Maitland Selwyn is spearheading the drive to ensure the needs of the sector are met, as we enter what threatens to be one of the most challenging years for UK housebuilding in recent memory.

The success of the training programme is reflected in sustained increases in the number of candidates graduating from the course in addition to increases in the number of candidates then subsequently placed into temporary sales positions. In 2016, 123 graduated. By comparison, in the last twelve months the number of graduating candidates increased to 149 with many of these on their way to permanent positions within the industry.

Maitland Selwyn managing director, Chris Haley, comments: “Following success in 2016 we set out with a clear aim to improve candidate skills and increase our graduates even further in 2017 as, if we are to help the industry deliver the volume of newly built properties set out by the government, we know that skilled, enthusiastic and committed sales teams on the front-line are arguably one of the most important factors in driving the initiative forward.”

Following such success, it’s clear that the pace set over the last two years should only increase further, as Maitland Selwyn embarks on its second year with its innovative e-learning platform, which has proven to be not only popular with candidates, but has seen results improve considerably thanks to its efficient and streamlined adaptation of the course materials, that enables candidates to do far more of the knowledge based work involved remotely, through the platform’s secure portal.

Prepared and developed by the training team at Maitland Selwyn, along with “Learn Upon”, a bespoke training organisation, the e-learning platform aims to be the catalyst that drives further success for the training programme.

Despite the success of the e-learning platform, it is by no means the sole component of the training programme – far from it in fact – in addition candidates undertake a four-day sales course in person with the MS team, to learn the many nuances of the industry first-hand. Furthermore, Maitland Selwyn provides its ‘Day 5’ skills course for any candidates (new or experienced) who simply want to strengthen their skills and knowledge.

Chris comments further: “As we take on greater numbers of candidates for the course, it’s clear that the e-learning platform is paramount in keeping candidates moving through the various course sections efficiently, providing them with a consistent and clear portal through which they can start, pause and continue any of the multiple modules in their own time. Also, it means the training team can spend more time in 2018 focusing on sales skills either in the classroom or coaching on site – we can therefore focus on the bigger job – quality candidates with skills and knowledge to assist the Developers and Government achieve their objectives.

With 12 courses planned for 2018, as of writing, 2018 looks set to break new ground yet again, and anyone interested is advised to contact Maitland Selwyn to secure their place.

For further information on all Maitland Selwyn training events planned for 2018, visit or contact the company directly on social media.