For many years, property recruitment specialist Maitland Selwyn has been the go-to source for high-quality, qualified sales people, to fill what is often one the most important yet most unheralded roles in the UK housebuilding industry: the on-site sales adviser.

But the services offered by Maitlands, founded over 65 years ago with its depth of management, many of which are from the industry, and now one of the leading recruitment specialists to the whole of the UK housing industry, go far beyond just temporary placements. Permanent placements too are a bedrock of the company, and an area set to see major growth in 2018 and beyond, while an industry-leading training academy have given much needed help the industry in need of new talent.

There is, however, even more to the company, with available services that can have wide-reaching benefits to developers of all sizes…

Outsourcing Sales Team and More ……….

Maitland Selwyn works with a number of its clients by taking on responsibility for their entire front-line sales force. All staff are employed permanently and directly by Maitland Selwyn, then outsourced to the developer as required, meaning all the headaches of interviews, salaries, holidays etc are completely taken away, leaving developers to focus on their own issues, ie land, planning, technical and construction.

The service is an obvious fit for small-to-medium sized builders, with Maitlands handling the full quota of sales people for a number of well-regarded developers.

Another service is when in the unfortunate event that a sales person comes to the end of their site’s lifecycle, and with no apparent next step for an employing developer to provide, Maitland Selwyn can offer support and guidance – and possibly even temporary work – whilst Maitland Selwyn looks to find them their next permanent position.

The candidate will be interviewed – in person – to help fully understand their needs and current situation, before efforts will be made to find their next role. The service offers great support to both developer and candidate, in what can be a stressful and uncomfortable time for both parties.

Reflecting on the wide range of services offered by the company, Maitland Selwyn regional sales director, Anita Edmunds, comments: “we’ve always been very well known for the quality temporary candidates we provide, and in recent years our training initiatives have bolstered that reputation even further.

“However, the services we can offer to developers of all shapes and sizes go far beyond temp or even permanent placements, many of which are far beyond the realms of what a traditional ‘recruiter’ typically provides.”

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